Chilean bread and “Igo” fruit


This e-mail will be a little shorter because I am going to skype the family tomorrow and my companion and I are going to go to “Plaza de Armas” right now. It is a main plaza with this huge historic cathedral in the middle of Santiago. This will be a fun way to spend Christmas Eve!!!

So here are some stories. There was a lot of talk about the world ending this week. It was really crazy because everyone asked us about it. It was actually very useful at times because we got to teach a lot more people about Gods plan for them. But a lot of people really believed that the world was going to end!

It rained really hard all day on Wednesday. It was really fun but I was soaked by the end of the day because we were knocking on a lot of doors and we had to walk everywhere. We got invited in to this guy’s house on that day and he gave us this gross herbal tea and told us his life story. He told us that his grandpa was buried under the house. He also said that his house was built over an old cemetery. We decided just to leave him a pamphlet and get out of there. Also we wanted to get out because we thought  he was mentally insane.

Everyone gives us this bread called “Pan de Pascua”. It isn’t very good but it is starting to grow on me. It is like bitter cinnamon bread with chunks of dried fruit inside. Everyone loves it here. We had lunch on Saturday in the Armada de Chile. It is a naval base. One of the sergeants is a member of our ward. It was pretty cool.

One of our investigators that we have been teaching since day one told me recently that I look fatter now than when I arrived! Chileans have no problem with throwing the word “fat” around. So I cut back on the food I bought at Lider today.

We met a drunk man on the street yesterday and he talked to us and then just started crying. All the drunk guys here cry and talk about their lives. When we left him he kissed us both on the cheek twice. It was very weird. We did service for this sister in our ward who is an old lady and afterwards she gave us these fruits called Igos from her Igo tree (Pronounced…. Ego like the word egotistical). It is supposedly the only tree in the world that produces two different fruits throughout the year. It was really good but very interesting. The inside looks like tentacles with a purplish goo.

A spiritual experience…… We had lunch with one of the members named Karl. He is from Austria and moved here about 10 years ago. He told us his conversion story. He then said “we are all here because of Joseph smith and the vision he saw. It was very true and I thought about it more. I was sitting at a random Austrian man’s table in a random block in the middle of Santiago, Chile with a companion that I have known for 2 months and we are all speaking in a foreign language about our faith and belief in this gospel and church. This church is true and Gods lives. Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus and restored his church. I also want to add my testimony that Jesus lives. During this time of year we all need to remember what Christ did for us. His Atonement was the single greatest act of love and charity in all of history. I am so blessed to be where I am and have a belief in these things. Feliz Navidad!

Elder Neser



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