Elder Neser’s latest report from Chile

Hola familia y amigos!!!!

Things are heating up here in Chile! Summer starts officially on December 21st but it is already getting hot. No, there is no air conditioning here. That doesn’t even exist in Chile. There also are no heaters, dryers, or dishwashers. 

Things have been great this week and the time has flown by. This was the last week of this companionship change so today transfers happen. However, I am staying with my companion here which is awesome because my companion is so great and it is also a hassle to change places. We received the news that my mission will be cut by 2 weeks because a ton of missionaries are coming in. They have to change the return home date back 2 weeks. Its crazy! 

So here is a little about my week. Last P-day, I got my hair cut by this big Columbian man. He had a crazy kind of Jamaican accent so I had no idea what he was saying, but it was the best haircut that I have ever had. He even used a razorblade/knife to line up the edges of my hair. It was really scary! But so awesome! My hair looked really sharp afterwards. Also, my companion and I went to a hospital to give a lady a blessing. We went to a really old Catholic looking hospital but it was dirty and really creepy on the inside. The blessing was great though. My Spanish has really started to take off. My companion promoted me to “phone man”. Each companionship has a small cheap cell phone for calling investigators or the Mission President. So I get to take all the calls and call all the people now. Sometimes I have to hand my companion the phone because I don’t understand what is being said, but most of the time I do handle it all! It is really cool to see my growth in Spanish.

The school system here in Chile is really different. It’s all private schools and everyone wears uniforms. There are always tons of schoolgirls walking to the bus stops or down the streets when school gets out and they always try and flirt with us. It is funny because we will always cross the street so we don’t have to walk by them but they will yell at us and then giggle like “little schoolgirls”. 

We contacted an elderly man named Enrique at his door. He was interested and at first we were talking to him on his doorstep. He was wearing really dirty clothes and this dirty “old school” Raiders snapback. He was wearing sandals and you could see his toes. They were disgusting! His toenails were black and falling off and it looked like he hadn’t showered in years. He let us in to teach him. His house smelled like 3 outhouses put together. I nudged my companion and said I thought I was going to be sick. It was that bad smelling. He had clothes everywhere and it was so dirty. We taught him about prayer and it was really good. He is so awesome and funny. We left and I thought about my mom and all the times she told me to clean my room and just practice good hygiene. I am so grateful I had a mom who was on my case about that stuff! 

Here are some other quick, funny things. A man we contacted in the street looked at his wrist and told us he didn’t have time to talk because he was going to be late. The funny part is he wasn’t even wearing a watch! We had a lesson with an investigator and he had a ton of incents burning in his house. I thought I was going to gag again. 

I have learned so many things this week. I have really been learning more and more and realizing more and more how life works. And how much of a blessing it is to know the gospel and the commandments. We walk the streets all day everyday meeting people and seeing what people do. We see countless numbers of people wasting their lives away in the streets smoking and drinking. We meet people who are teenagers with children. We actually met this girl yesterday who had her first kid when she was 13. We see how people’s lives have been defined by the decisions that they have made. The commandments are from God to make us happy. They literally save us from horrible things. The world makes commandments seem like restrictions and freedom killers. I have seen how much of a lie this is. Being addicted to all kinds of drugs and alcohol, working from 8 to 8, 6 days a week because you dropped out of school and can’t find a decent job, and having 2 children by the time you are 18 is not freedom. That is captivity and prison in its purest form. We need to just open our eyes and be obedient to the commandments of God. If we will follow them, we will have true freedom and happiness in this life and salvation in the world to come. I love the tree of life vision. So many people get blinded and led away in forbidden paths by the dark mists of Satan because they are not holding onto the rod. Just hold on to the rod. Follow the commandments and you will be able to eat of the tree of life, which is the most desirable and sweetest of all things. Things are fantastic here in Chile. I love it and am working as hard as I can to become like Christ. I miss you all! Chow! 

Elder Neser


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