Elder Neser’s 11/12/2012 Missionary Stories!

Hola everybody! 

This week flew by!!! It is crazy how fast time has been going. I have almost been out for 3 months. So this week was a little more relaxed with the crazy people. We didn’t meet as many. It is probably because we were teaching more lessons. But still there have been some funny experiences. 

We met a guy with a legit wooden peg leg. That was so awesome! I got bit for my first time on my mission but it wasn’t by a dog! It was by this little kid who is the son of one of our investigators. I was talking to our investigator and he was running around my legs, then he bit me in the butt! It actually hurt. My companion was laughing so hard. 

Also, we knocked on this one door and this old lady came out. She was super old and wrinkly and had a huge wart on her face. The wart also had big long black hairs coming out of it, just like a witch out of a fairy tale. She was really nice though. Then just a couple doors down from her we contacted this other really old lady. I was trying to tell her whom we were but she kept acting like she didn’t understand. I talked louder and tried everything. Then I looked at my companion and said, “am I saying everything right?” He said yes, so then we looked at the lady and she pointed at her self and mouthed that she was deaf! I slapped my self in the forehead and laughed. 

We also met a group of drunk guys who kissed our hands. I guess this is not unusual. My companion told me that for some reason the drunk guys like to kiss our hands. There is one last funny thing. A couple nights ago when I got into bed, I lifted up the covers and was about to hop in. Then this huge cockroach ran out of my covers onto the floor. To be brief, I always check under my covers now before I go to bed. I learned a lot this week! 

I think the thing I learned the most was how complicated most peoples lives are. We met a guy who works at a gas station. He grew up in Chile then moved to the USA with his family. In the USA, he said he didn’t make the best choices and he ended up in jail. He was in jail for a while then got deported to Chile. Now he has worked at this gas station for 12 years trying to make some money. He doesn’t have any family here. We told him that through Christ’s atonement and through Gods plan, he can receive forgiveness for what he has done and move on. He can receive joy that will replace the pain and sorrow he is feeling. It is amazing how the Gospel can really help everyone in any situation. It is so true. Everyday I learn more and more how true the church and gospel is. There is so much evil in the world. When we feel the spirit and pray and study the scriptures there is amazing peace and clarity to life. 

I am so grateful I have been born into an amazing family in this church. I have also learned this week how powerful this gospel is in uniting and strengthening families. We see everyday broken and shattered families. We talk with people about their lives and experiences. In every single instance, I see how if they had the gospel they would have dodged all these problems. It is awesome though because there is still hope. Even though they didn’t have the gospel, if they take the gospel into their lives now, they can mend broken hearts and repair shattered family circumstances. They can really have peace and joy in this life. I know that through the gospel of Christ we can all have better lives and I know that it is the only true and lasting way to have happiness and peace in this life. That is because the gospel is built on charity and all things must fail except for charity. I am really striving to be more charitable (loving). We can have so much joy through loving others. 

It has been getting warmer here! The weather is still great though. The food has been great. I haven’t eaten anything super weird lately. My companion is so great and has taught me so much. The people of Chile are so funny and super friendly. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I understand more and more every day and I can speak more and more everyday. I live right next the University of Santiago, Chile. Everyone asks us about Obama and Romney! That is all for now! Chow! 

Elder Neser


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