Awesome stories from Elder Neser on 10/6/2012


Chile is one crazy place, but I think being on a mission here makes it seem even crazier! Let me explain. There are some regular crazies we meet every day. For example, there is the “rabies” woman. We don’t know if she actually has rabies, but she comes up to us and talks crazy and foams at the mouth and sometimes she sings.

Then there is the “devil” man who sells candy. This guy is newer but basically he sells candy on a corner and tells us we work for the devil because we don’t love anyone. He is hilarious. 

Then there is the “potty mouth” woman. She is in a store on this one corner every day. When we walk by, she always has something rude to say. It is funny though because I never understand what she is saying. I don’t know those Spanish vocabulary words so I ask my companion what is going on. It is pretty funny because I just smile and laugh and walk on my way. 

Those are the regulars but we met some others this week that I will tell you about. For example, a man came up to us with his camera and was trying to show us these pictures he took of a water bottle. He said you could see “God” in the background. That seemed very funny. Then we contacted this guy who was really interested and so we went to his house to teach him. We got in and went into his tiny room. There were all these weird carvings on the walls and the room smelled like smoke. We figured out half way through the lesson that he was a “schizophrenic”. We got out of there really fast after that. Then we went to talk to this reference we had. We got into his house only to realize he was very drunk. We then told him that we had to leave. As we left, I think he was mad because he grabbed water from his sink and started to throw it at us. We then ran for our lives as this crazy man was chasing us with water. It was actually super funny and my companion and me were cracking up as we were running out of his house.  

Now you are probably all thinking that missions are the weirdest things and we only meet crazy people. That’s only a small part of the time. It is funny though and really entertaining. The majority of the time we meet amazing people who are really searching for the answers to life. This next story is my favorite thing that happened this week, and is a real life example of a miracle and that God lives and loves his children. So my companion and I were trying to find this reference and we were tracting in the blocks (apartments). We were lost and just searching and searching. We finally found the reference, but they were not interested and we left. As we left, my companion decided to knock on this random door. We waited and waited and then this lady who was probably in her 40’s opens the door partly but is hiding behind it, only poking her head around. (That happens a lot here) We greeted her and told her who we were and that we could help her with our message. In broken English she said: “Oh… Yes… Yes… I… want to hear. But I need to put on my jeans…. I have no pants.” She then closed the door. My companion and I looked at each other and were like… who opens the door with no pants on???? It was funny. 

She eventually came back and started talking to us. In English, she started telling us all her questions and problems with life and how her 20-year-old sons are so frustrating. It was funny though because she is a very animated person, like really over the top animated. We thought she was crazy at first and were about to leave. Her name is Faviola. She then told us she was really interested and asked us these perfect questions that we answered. The other great thing was she was speaking English so I got to talk with her and teach her a lot! My companion is from Utah, but he has been out a year and a half and because he has spoken Spanish all day every day, he now forgets how to say things in English. So I got to take over the lesson. It was awesome. (That was a great story right? It was a miracle from God that we met a super interested person who was ready to receive the gospel! But don’t stop reading because this is where it starts to get really interesting.) We stopped and asked how she knew English so well. She told us she had studied for a long time, but she was humble and said her English wasn’t very good. She mentioned she is a native Chilean. And then she started to tell us about where she studied. (“Spoiler Alert”: here comes the crazy part) She said that in 2009 she went to a university in America to study English for a year. She said it was in California. I freaked out and was like where in California??!!!!!! She replied that she attended a university in uhhhhhh, forgive my pronunciation, “IRBINE”. I said: “No way! Irvine! That is where I am from!” 

She studied at UCI for a year and lived somewhere in Irvine. It was so crazy because then we started talking about Irvine and all her favorite things about it! It was amazing! (Miracle? Yes!) Anyways, we set up a time to teach her again and gave her a Book of Mormon. She is gold! What I really learned from this experience is that God really does inspire his apostles and prophets when they give the calls to the missionaries because I felt like I was supposed to meet that specific woman at that specific time. Also God knows and loves each of us and wants us all to know the way we can live with him again, which is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So here are some other awesome stories. (This one is for you

Dad) We ate lunch at this members house two days ago. His name is Carl and he spoke really weird Spanish. It turns out he recently moved here from Austria. He only speaks German and Spanish. So he has a German accent when he speaks Spanish. It is really hard to understand, but so awesome to see how languages can connect us with so many people. On Wednesday, we had to walk 4 miles for lunch in the hot sun. I will never be too lazy to get off the couch and walk to the fridge again….. Those are the top stories of the week. I have so much more but so little time to write. I love you all and miss you guys so much. Things are great. I love it here and I am working my hardest. 

Elder Neser


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