Elder Neser arrives in Santiago, Chile!!!

The following is a note we received from Max just after his arrival in Santiago:

Hello Family! I am alive and in Chile! It is so crazy to finally be here! First of all, we flew here on the same flight with Elder Bednar and Elder Oaks!! We had the opportunity to meet them when we went through immigration. It was so insane. It was really foggy and cloudy when we landed. Chile is such a cool place. The Andes are huge. I saw some pretty run-down areas (ghetto) but the mission home and most of the downtown area is nice. There are 7 million people in Santiago and 210 missionaries in our mission.

The people have been very nice so far. I did get “shut-down” a few times trying to talk to people in the airport. Some guy was trying to tell us that Romney is an idiot! Missionary work is going to be so awesome! The mission president and his wife are also awesome. The weather is great! Easter Island and one other island are in my mission. 

The plane ride was really long but not that bad. I can understand a lot of the Spanish spoken here. Love you guys, 



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