Elder Max Neser’s 10/17/2012 e-mail; He leaves for Chile tomorrow!!

Hola familia y amigos! Thanks for all of the letters and packages! Thanks Mom! I got the raincoat and it is “legit” and the cake, which was very good. Thank you so much for the letters Lauren and Aunt Mary thanks for the letter! 

So here is a quick report. Then I want to talk about the things I have learned in the MTC. By the way, I leave for Chile tomorrow morning! I am so excited! This week we learned how to order food in Spanish and some other very important things. I traded a shirt for a tie with wiener dogs on it. :’(reminds me of Dippy, and it is so cool! We had in-field orientation on Friday, which was just a lesson on how to work with members in the field. It has rained a couple times here recently, which was awesome! My district sang in Sacrament. We sang Hope of Israel in Spanish. It was really good. We have been told that we will be training those new 18-year-old missionaries in 3 months.

I got a haircut yesterday, which doesn’t look too bad. Haircuts here are always a little sketchy. We taught a lady from Guatemala who is a member. She told us a really cool story about her mom’s conversion. She said that when her mom read the Book of Mormon “she didn’t just see the words but the words on the page literally spoke to her.” 

We had Shayne M. Bowen speak at the fireside last night (He also spoke at Conference). It was a really good talk. 

Last night I “slept walked” again. This was the worst/funniest one (depending on your perspective). For me, it was the worst because I slept walked and left our room! I realized I was sleep walking just after I left the room. The part that is the worst is that I closed the door. The door locks and I did not have a key. I stood outside the door for a while thinking that it was almost morning and everyone was going to wake up. I was outside for a while and then I thought that maybe it wasn’t almost morning. So I knocked on the door for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, finally my companion woke up and opened the door. It was only one o clock and he was like “what the heck are you doing?” I told him the story and he died laughing. I scared him and the other two elders in my room though because they were like “who the heck is knocking on the door at one in the morning?” So that is my quick report. 

Now a few things I have learned or am just starting to understand, before I fly to the other side of the world tomorrow. The Gospel can help anyone with any problem they may ever have. All we need to do is have a faith and hope in Christ and pray for his help. He will comfort us when we ask. He walked the loneliest road so that we would not have to. I have learned the reality of the gift of the Holy Ghost. As a member of this church, I feel so blessed to have the Holy Ghost with me always to guide me. So many times in lessons I would have no idea what to say, or I could not remember a Spanish word and then all of a sudden it would come into my head. I had so many experiences of praying and searching for answers then either through other people or the scriptures I would receive those answers. I have also gained a testimony that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. Every time I relate Joseph Smith’s story, my heart pounds so hard and an amazing peace comes into the room. I truly believe that if anyone reads and truly prays with real intent to know the truthfulness of that story then the spirit will manifest the truth unto them. 

God wants to back up his prophets. I have started to learn the perfect Love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for us. God tries and tries and never gives up on his children. He wants us to come back to live with him. That is “work and glory”. We can do this through Jesus Christ and His atonement. Christ loves us perfectly. He knows all of our pains. He suffered in Gethsemane and walked the loneliest road to his crucifixion. He over came physical death and gave us this chance to repent. He gave us the opportunity to live with our family members for eternity. He did so much for us and all that he asks in return is that we come unto him in every way. He is the ultimate example. If we ever have any questions about how to do something or need any answers we should study Christ’s life. We can do this through the Bible and Book of Mormon. I know that Book of Mormon is the word of God just like the Bible, but the Book of Mormon contains the fullness of the gospel. Everyone can know this is true if they read it, ponder over it, and ask God about it. That is my testimony and what I have come to better understand. I pray that my testimony will grow even stronger and I pray that all of you can feel this hope and peace that the gospel brings. I love you all. My next e-mail will be from Chile! Adios amigos!



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