Elder Max Neser’s 10/10/2012 E-Mail from the MTC


Esta semana era loca! La conferencia general era asombroso y yo espero que todos de ustedes lo miraron! La obra va buena. Mi espanol esta llegando a ser bueno. 

Hello all! Thanks mom for the package. The jump rope and the candy was much appreciated. Thanks Lauren for the letters and for the Cafe Rio! You are awesome! Thanks Sister Mecham for the letter! That is so good to hear that Joey is doing great and still loves his cats. 

So let me tell you a little about my week. Basically this has been the most insane week spiritually. First of all, last Thursday we got our travel plans. We leave on October 18th at 12:00 PM and fly through Atlanta then down to Chile. That means we only have 8 days! We were all so excited to get the travel plans, but things definitely got real. We think we know Spanish, but we really don’t!! I am excited though and ready to talk to that first Chilean when I get off the plane and I will probably have no idea what he is saying! It will be awesome!

Then as you know Conference was this Saturday and Sunday. We watched all of the sessions and it was the best Conference I have ever watched. It went by so fast and I learned so much! Also, this was one of the most historic conferences ever because they changed the mission age. When they made the announcement, all of us missionaries were in the big auditorium and it got a little crazy. I was freaking out!! This is going to change a lot of things, and missionary work will explode. I loved Conference. Then Sunday night we had a fireside and Chad Lewis came. He played football at BYU and then for the NFL for 9 years. He talked about how his mission opened up so many doors for him. He served in Taiwan and is now the Chinese ambassador for the NFL. I got a picture with him right after he spoke! He is huge! 

Then to top it all off, last night for our Tuesday night devotional Elder Bednar came and spoke! It was so good! My district used our usual sneaky way to get to the front of the line and got amazing seats! We sat 4 rows from the front and almost dead center. He was literally 10 yards away from us. He and his wife are so funny and he is actually really short. They both look a lot older in person. I did not get a picture with him :(. But it was an amazing talk! 

The weather has been cooling down a bit but it is nice. Nic Neser, it sounds like you need to step up your game in football! D+? Thats like JV status. A confession I have to make is that I love the Brandon Flowers “I am a Mormon” video. We have time each day to do “language learning” on the computer and read conference talks or watch Mormon messages. We all love the Brandon Flowers one because he is the lead singer for the Killers. During his Mormon message, they play some of his music. We all love watching it! Mormon messages are about as much of a break as we can get, ha! ha!.

So here is a little more about Conference and the Elder Bednar talk! I loved Elder Packer’s talk about his ship story! One of my other favorite parts was President Monson’s talk about how people can change. He told a story about the prison warden. The story was- ” Critic- Don’t you know that leopards can’t change their spots? Replied Clinton Duffy, “You should know that I don’t work with leopards. I work with men, and men change everyday.” President Monson is so funny also. I love that story because we can all change and become what God wants us to become no matter what we have done. I am going to be trying to help people to do this very thing. The craziest part of conference though was definitely the age change. 

In the devotional with Elder Bednar, he talked about the mission age change at the beginning of his talk. He said he thinks its funny when other people who were not at the counsel tell him the reasons for the change when he was the one at the council with the Brethren. He called it Apostolic Humor. It was funny. He said there are three reasons for the age change. One is that the Lord needs missionary work done, and two the Lord will hasten the work in its time (D&C 88:73), and three there is an increased urgency in the work today. He said we, as a church and particularly we, as Elders, have a great responsibility. President Monson also stated this at the end of the Priesthood session: “The responsibility is on us brethren.” The end of times is coming soon. We need to prepare. The prophets are calling us. 1 Nephi 22:17 tells us we need not fear, though, if we are righteous. We will be protected. And as Uchtdorf taught, we can be happy and have joy now. We must not wait till death to learn how to live!! 

I am so excited and blessed to be a part of this work. I love it. The other most important thing I learned from conference is that those apostles and the prophet are called of God. They are also normal people with lives and hobbies. I love you all and miss you all. I challenge you all to study the talks again. Elder Bednar said he gets the Ensign when it comes out and he thoroughly reads it. We must follow their counsel because it is literally the words of God. ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Neser


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