Elder Neser’s 10/3/2012 E-mail

Hola familia y amigos: 

Estoy agredecido por sus oraciones y ayuda! El CCM es asombroso! Espanol no es dificil pero sera un partido nuevo en chile. El tiempo ha pasado muy rapido. 

Thanks Mom for the packages and the letters. They are so awesome and it’s so exciting to open things. The hippo cookies are so great! Thank you so much Lauren for the packages and letters. 

So I’d like to share a little about my week. My companion and I got 2 new investigators. They are just 2 other missionaries in my district acting as investigators. So now we have four progressing investigators. It has pushed us to plan a lot better and it is a lot more fun because we are so busy. One of our investigators plays football for his college, which is awesome because I can always make analogies and explain things a lot easier to him using football. My favorite story to tell is the Joseph Smith story. There is an amazing power that comes when you tell the “first vision”. It is amazing. I challenge you all to read about it in Joseph Smith’s History. 

The weather has been so great! We are here at the perfect time. It is starting to get a little chilly in the mornings though. A couple days ago an elder in my district and I were walking back from class and we were playing around. I grabbed him and he grabbed me but when he tried to pull away he ripped the pocket off my shirt. (Nick, remember when you did that to Zach?) It was pretty funny, but I am making him sew it on or find someone to sew it back on. We will see what happens. 

This Sunday was Fast Sunday for us so I was able to bear my testimony in Sacrament. We have to do it in Spanish in my Ward so it is always fun. The missionaries who have been here the longest are pretty good and can bear their testimonies pretty well, but the brand new districts are always really funny to watch. They say some funny things. The most common mess-ups that all of us are guilty of is mixing up pecados (sins) and pescados (fish). Christ did not atone for our fish. Also not pronouncing pagar (to pay) right and it sounds like pegar (to hit). We don’t hit the prophets and church with tithing. You can easily say some embarrassing things if you aren’t careful!

We always go on a temple walk on Sundays too, which is so relaxing and fun. We just get to go up to the temple and walk around and sit in the shade.

As I mentioned before, I have been sleep walking a lot and talking in my sleep a lot for some reason. It doesn’t affect me, but all the Elders in my room get a big kick out of it. 

Here are some best missionary names of the week: Elder Perfect, Elder Money, Elder Elder, Elder Ward. Elder Ward is in my zone. The funny story about him is that he grew up in Preston Idaho and went to the high school where they filmed Napoleon Dynamite. His best friend lives in Summers house. The guy who shoots the cow in the movie and has really bad English is in his ward. The funniest thing is that he said the whole town is embarrassed because of that movie. They don’t like it. He is actually really cool and is going to go play football at Utah State on scholarship after his mission. 

Another funny experience is we taught a brand new district that the word Hola (hello) is actually from the verb holar (to say hello). It is not actually a verb. So we told them that when you say hello to a group of people you say Holan not hola. They all bought it and were writing it in their notes. It was hilarious and still is because they always say holan to more than one person. 

So here is my spiritual thought: an elder from my district has traveled a lot around the world for school and things. He recently went to the country of Jordan and was with a nomadic camel tribe for a while. A man who had really bad English shared the following parable: There was once a man who was a nomad. Once he was traveling through the desert and came to a well. While he was by the well a lion came out of nowhere and charged him. The man quickly jumped into the well for safety. He jumped in and grabbed onto the rope, but the rope was cut short. He could not climb down because of the endless drop to the bottom of the well. The man nervously thought of a way to get out of the situation. He could not go up because the Lion would eat him and he could not go down because he would fall to his death. As he was frantically thinking, two mice climbed on the rope. One was white and the other was black. They were high above the man and started to eat through the rope. The man became more distressed and did not know what to do. He could not go up or down and he was running out of time. Then he heard a buzzing sound. It was a bee! He thought if there is a bee then there must be a hive. If there is a hive then there must be honey. In the dark he searched around for the hive. After searching for a while he found it and started to eat the honey. He kept eating the honey and forgot about the situation. Then as fate would have it, the mice bit through the rope and he fell to his death. This man represents all of us. The mice are the days and nights of our lives. The rope is life. The lion and the bottom of the well are the fact that we are going to die and there is nothing we can do about it. The honey is the most important part. The honey is the thing that sustains us. It is the gospel. It is Jesus Christ. We need to feed on the words of Christ. Focusing on the honey will bring us comfort and peace. Knowing the gospel and learning it will help us know what happens after this life and the plan our loving Heavenly Father has for us. There is much more to it, but I only have 30 minutes on the computer!! 

Thank you so much everyone. I hope I am helping at least one person who is reading this. You are all in my mind and prayers and I want to help you all. Hasta la proxima semana!

Love, Elder Neser



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