Elder Neser’s 9/19/12 Email!


Things have been going great! I would like to start by saying “Feliz Cumpleanos a Chloe y Lauren!” Yo tengo disculpa porque yo no puedo enviar un regalo a ustedes porque yo tengo nada que ustedes quieren. Yo tengo esperanza que ustedes reciben todas las cosas que ustedes desean para sus cumpleanos!


Time is really flying and it’s amazing that on Friday I will have been here for a month! My Spanish has improved greatly. It is probably because my companion and I made it a goal to only speak Spanish all day. By all day I mean we start at breakfast and speak only Spanish all the way until 9:30 p.m., with only taking one break during gym. It has been pretty hard. We slip up and speak English sometimes, but not that often! We have seen the amazing help it has been in developing our fluency. Now when we teach lessons it goes a lot smoother and we can explain things in better detail. There are times when I will say a sentence and think “what did I just say?” It is a really fun experience to learn a new language.


The bad thing about learning a new language is that my writing in English is getting worse! I have a tendency to use Spanish words instead of English ones and I spell words the way they should be spelled in Spanish!


We have a lot of opportunities in class to act as investigators and it is fun making up funny names and acting. Lauren Neser: you would be really good at this!


My district also loves our service time on Fridays. We love taking out the trash because we get to play “service basketball”. It probably isn’t the best idea, but it brings some fun to taking out trash and cleaning toilets. So what we do is first get all the trash bags from our residence building that are full (which is like 20 big black bags) and then we go out to the dumpster and stand a little ways away and try to catapult them in! It is a serious game every week and is a lot of fun.


I want to say thanks for all of the letters and packages! They are greatly appreciated! I love all the healthy snacks! Thanks Dad for the copy of your Sacrament talk! It was great. Thank you Lauren, for the packages and letters. They are awesome!


 We figured out the formula for the food here in the MTC. This is the lunch formula — Take what you had for dinner last night + a bun of some sort + a little guacamole + a side of fries = that is lunch! As bad as it is I am getting used to the food, but I greatly appreciate the snacks in the packages!


Jacob’s letter was really cool to read! I can’t wait to get out in the field!


I still work out most mornings with Elder Boelter from my district. It is a great way to wake up and start the day. Have I mentioned I love the mountains and view that we have on our fifth floor classroom?


This past Sunday we had a Devotional and a director from the MTC talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon. He showed us the opening act of the Tony awards, which was the performance of one of the songs from the Broadway play: TheBook of Mormon. It was really interesting to watch now that I am a missionary and see that they are making fun of me and what I am doing. He talked about how the world is going to attack us at our core and what’s most important to the church. His talk was really moving. It led me to find a great scripture that relates to his comments: John 15:18-19! Go read it! We can all relate!


 Thats cool Nic that you have Ms. Dawson! Sounds like football is awesome! I wish I could see some games! We are always hassling our teachers about how the BYU football games went. It is funny!


There will not be any missionary choirs in the October General Conference. We will watch it in this building in the gymnasium. They pull out bleacher seats and set up a mini conference center.


The Provo temple is so awesome! The background to the temple is spectacular. It has been great weather. I love you all and miss you! I challenge all of you to think about the character of Christ. Study and ponder and see the amazing things he did for all of us when most of us would have turned inward and thought only of ourselves. His experience in Gethsemane where he suffered for the sins of the world while his three chief apostles fell asleep on him, shows me his strength and willingness to forgive. Then he was betrayed by another one of the apostles. When they came to take him away, a sword was drawn and a guard’s ear was cut off. Most of us probably would not have been too concerned about the guard’s ear. But Christ forgets himself and all the pain and trial he was going through and heals the guard’s ear. We should all strive to be more Christ-like and I know I have a long ways to go! Good luck! My prayers are with you all!

Elder Neser



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