Max’s 09-05-2012 Email


Life here in the MTC has been just wonderful. The days are blurring together and we often forget what day of the week it is. Our days of the week are different: Sacrament and watch Mormon videos day (Sunday), 3 hour Class in morning and class in evening day (Monday), Devotional day (Tuesday), P-DAY! (Wednesday), Normal Thursday (Thursday), Service day or half P-day (Friday), and 6 hours of class in a row day (Saturday). We really do the same things every day but it is not boring. However, 16 hours of studying everyday can be a little much at times.

Our district has really bonded and we are good at taking breaks and joking around and having fun. Gym is probably the most sacred 50 minutes of the day to all the missionaries. One of the other guys in my district and I do a little “abs” and push up workout in the morning before everyone wakes up. A cold has been going around our district :). I caught it on Friday, but I am over it.

Last Sunday was Fast Sunday here in the MTC which meant we did not eat until 5:00 p.m.! It wasn’t that bad because we were busy, but the MTC cafeteria food never looked so good. We had a great testimony meeting, which was all in Spanish and I bore my testimony! I can’t say a whole bunch, but my Spanish has greatly improved. Since I have been getting better at Spanish, our lessons to our actor investigators are better. They can actually understand us. We have also gotten way better at teaching. We have learned step by step how to get to know people and understand their problems and what we can do to
help them. We are getting better at relating our message to them.

We got a new teacher. He is the first actor investigator that we taught. It is really cool how they set all the classes up because our teacher really knows exactly what to teach us and how to help us individually. We have another teacher who is Jake Arbon’s cousin. He played on the BYU Lacrosse team with me and we are good friends. It is so fun walking around and seeing so many people that I know. It probably annoys my companion because we always stop to talk to people.

Also I love getting letters! They are so fun to look forward to and to read!

Back to the food in the MTC: we had a funny experience at lunch one day. We were waiting in line to get our food and we started talking to the two Elders in front of us. One was from Korea and the other was from CHILE! They both didn’t know English at all. Here is a preface to what happens next: so the food here is pretty gross and it really affects your stomach. So we got to the food and they were serving bacon cheeseburgers. They were probably the greasiest, cheesiest things I have ever seen. They had a ton of bacon and were served with a huge side of onion rings. The Korean Elder grabbed a plate and
looked at it really funny. He then grabbed an onion ring and took a bite out of it. He made the funniest face. It was like he ate something super sour. My whole district started laughing. I can’t even imagine what is happening to the stomachs of those foreign kids.

Thank you so much for the package mother! Please send more HEALTHY snacks! I really need them! I will try and send more pictures next week. So is Sammy married yet? New York sounded really, really fun and spiritual! Good job in football Joey (Nic), but you guys can’t beat our 58 score! Good job with the missionary work Grandma! Send me some thin pancakes!

Spiritual thought: Mom and Dad – Remember how hard it was saying good bye to me when you dropped me off at the MTC? Imagine how hard it was for our Father in heaven to say good bye to us as we departed to earth not knowing if He would EVER see us again. He has done so much for us and he wants us to come back to Him. We need to follow the commandments and do our part. I love you guys and can’t wait to hear from you all.

Love Max


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